View Full Version : Stokerized Double Nucleus --- Any review and feedback please share

06-11-2014, 08:00 PM

I was actually tempted by the Stokerized Double Nucleus, was lucky enough to try on a set belongs to a fren (wic he is putting on sale)

Honestly, i just tried on for couple of shots, what i realize was the stab is well built, and well balancing the bow. (Somehow, the whole set will make the bow HEAVY)

Actually planned to buy a set of the Double Nucleus and Main Stab for target, but the 20" long Main stab is quit short.
I have a habit to use stab as a stand, pointing to the floor to reload my arrows. with the 20" long Stab i will not be able to reload the arrow as i always did (does not concern me, can change reloading arrow style)

Search on google and many forum for info and review and feedback.

Most love it, some dont even bother to try it.
Seem like not very popular in target shooting.... just my own thoughts, i might be wrong.

Somehow, unable to search for infor like durability of the stab. Since its made of arcylic, does it deform from exposure to sun heat? (im from ASIA, so sun exposure is like 24/7 all year long), customer service?

I end up with Doinker Stab, but still the mind and heart is still itchy for the Nucleus Stab.

was actually wanted it for hunting set up. wic it looks compact and easy manuvable.

My set back for buying this stab
1. heavy
2. short main stab
3. tunability? not much info
4. durability of the product?

Any bro and sis whom experience them, share ur advice?

thanks in advance