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04-18-2008, 06:41 PM
I have an 08 Cheetah and was wondering if I have the longest draw length module (F-7 which should be 29") but have the shooting string on the #2 peg (which I guess would mean my draw length is at 28.5") should I still get 70# peak draw weight with both limb bolts tightened all the way? I do not have bow scales but I guess you know that already :) I am just trying to figure out what my peak weight should be so I can order new arrows. I have been using old aluminum shafts and would like to upgrade to carbon so if you guys have any info to pass on I would greatly appreciate it. I have never shot carbon before.

P.S. Does anyone know how to find out what the diameter is on some of the more popular carbon arrow shafts? I would just like to know how much room I am going to have between the fletching.

04-19-2008, 01:30 AM

Just take a look on this:
Maybe you can guess from the relation between shaft and broadhead or fletching. I do not know the diameter of my carbon shafts but maybe bfisher, flytier or sceptermax will know.

I am sure bfisher could help you.

04-19-2008, 03:54 AM
Shouldn't make much difference. If you really want to know what you're drawing take it to a shop and they can tell you. If you use 70# you will be fine.

04-19-2008, 05:40 PM
With the string on the #2 post the bow should peak around 65-67#, still good enough to spine for about 70#. A little stiff with carbon arrows can never hurt.

As for arrow diameter of carbons? Try right around .295" or 19/64". This is the most common size, give or take a couple thousanths of an inch.

If you look at the smaller diameter one like Easton Axis then they measure 17/64".

If you pick arrows spined for 28" and 70# you should be OK. Be aware that with Gold Tip Expeditions and XT's you're right on the upper edge for the 5575. With Easton?Beman shafts you're most likely right between a .400 and .340 spine. At your length a 400 should work well. Not sure about Carbon Express. I don't keep up with all the new arrows. I only need to get a dozen every 6-7 years and by then the technology changes a lot.

You don't need to pay a ton for arrows either. Carbon arrows with a straightness of .003" is plenty good and should be around $80/doz. A hint here. Get .03 SHAFTS, cut 1 1/2" from the nock end. Install the nocks and cut them to lengh from the point end. You'll end up with straighter arrows.

Hope this info helps. Any more questions you come back now, ya here?