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05-01-2008, 02:07 AM
To what extent is some limb twist acceptable on these limbs? (i.e. what percentage of limb twist?). Has anybody tried this test on their bow?

The bow is a shoot through system using Furious cams. It was sent back to the distributor due to cam lean and the cables were adjusted to correct it. This was done under warranty. Now, I have noticed limb twist across the surface of each limb. This is how I detected it. I hold the bow out vertically with the riser facing me at eye level (the reverse of draw position). I start with each limb angled away from me so I can look down its length and slowly rotate each limb towards my face until I sight down at the cam. As I rotate each limb towards my eye I can see a definite lean or twist along the length of each limb all the way to the cam. Both limbs twist slightly to the right (clockwise). The cam split or fork is also angled slightly relative to the cam angle/axle or so it seems. I have tried a yoke twist adjustment but it doesnt fix it. Perhaps this is normal for long limbs, probably equal to the twist in shorter bows caused by a cable guard when the strings are hooked to a cable glide. Try this test on your bow and let me know, especially if you have a shoot thru set up. cheers

05-01-2008, 06:41 AM
limb twist is the force behind cam lean. In other words, your cams are leaning too. Do this

-Pick a cam to start with. (say the top cam)
-Lay an arrow (straight arrow-spin tested) along the side of the cam, parallel to the string, just above the limb tip. Place it so the shaft goes over the back of the cam, but only a little. The main length of the arrow should lay beside the string, down towards tha arrow rest.
-Note the space between the tip of the shaft, and the string.
-Now do the same to the other side of the cam. Again note the difference.
-It will be aparrent which way the cam is leaning. Using a press, twist the cable on the side that had the most gap between shaft and string. Use half twists until both sides are even. If you do not have a proess, you can grab the limb, and use your fingers to pull the cable on the other side of the limb. this will releive the pressure enough that you can remove and twist the cable on the other side. Believe it or not, you can change an entire cable set using this process.
-now repeat for the bottom cam.