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06-21-2008, 03:08 PM
Just picked up a new MARTIN HUNTER RECURVE. Shot appro 50/60 arrows with it and it feels like it was made for my hand. My Bob Lee HUNTER T/D, that I took 3 does with last season, will now become my back up. Worked out real good. Won't take up much room on hunting trips broken down.
I can't wait to shoot it this week out in the yard. It is silent and smooth. I checked the speed and it was 166 fps with 515 gr arrows, but I don't think the string is right for it. I think I can get more with my extra Bob Lee flemish string.
Let you all know as soon as I check it out.

06-26-2008, 08:44 PM
Please do. The traditional recurve market is something that I keep meaning to get around to. Let me know what type of arrows (esp. fletching) you have the best success with. My first bow was a toy recurve. Haven't touched one since. Get a photo, better yet, YouTube it in action!

06-27-2008, 08:47 PM

Put on the Bob Lee flemish string and picked up 4 more fps. I buy the strings from Bob Lee archery because I found that they stop stretching and lock in on the correct brace height. Put the string on last weekend. Twisted it and stopped on the brace height (7.75"s) and shot all morning and it's still on the money. My Hunter is a smooth, fast and silent.
170 fps, 515 grain arrows gives me 33#'s K.E. Last season I put 3 does in the freezer with a little less K.E. then that. I'm looking forward to this season and I hope the hunting gods smile upon me once again so I can let the air out of one with this new bow.
I fletch my arrows with 5" left wing feathers, all the same color. I know they may be a little louder but I prefer shield cut. I fletch them up with a 2/3 degree off set. My bitz, with a straight clamp, puts those feathers on resulting in a great twist. They plane out fast and that gives me real good flight.;):rolleyes:

Ray, aka................hawgslayer