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06-28-2008, 02:03 PM
I'm probably going to get a Martin S4 from my pro dealer. I saw the bow and the specs on the website. Do the furious cams have a draw stop? If not, I'd like to get the m pro cams on the bow, but I would like to have the same riser and limbs as with the furious cams so its more forgiving than the mag S4 model. What would the specs of the bow be (ATA, brace height) ... if it is even possible?

06-28-2008, 02:25 PM
The Furious-Cams do NOT have an 'active' draw stop like you can get with the MPro-Cam. But with the Furious-Cams you will still get a solid wall caused by the modules that will be set for your perfect draw length

06-29-2008, 05:57 AM
You might go over on archerytalk and ask LeEarl if he has any info.

07-01-2008, 12:23 AM
With precise DL adjustment capabilitys, when the Furious cams roll over to the cables, that provides the "Wall"...at least that's the way it happens on my '07 Nitrous X powered, Scepter IV Elite! :D

(no draw stop required!)
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07-01-2008, 02:27 AM
It is the same with Nitrous and Furious, both use the same modules with 'wall included' ;)