View Full Version : Firecat ATA and IBO

07-01-2008, 02:31 PM
I just purcahsed a Firecat. The website states teh ATA is 33" but the manual states 32.25". Which is it?:confused: I measured my bow and the ATA is 32.25". I also checked the the BH and it is 7" as stated on the website and manual so I think the ATA for this bow is 32.25.

The stated IBO is 335-345. With my setup (29.5" DL, 64lbs, 331gr arrow), I was expecting to shoot ~320fps. Through two different Chronys I am getting 311fps.:D Not bad by any means. All things considered, that would put the IBO at 335 not 345.

By the way, I shot my first Hood with the Firecat during the second session. :) I was worried about being able to shoot a fast bow based on what other people said. I am not worried anymore. I just have to shot a 5 spot.

Thanks Martin for a quality bow at a reasonable price.

07-01-2008, 02:44 PM
Throw in some weight on the string for silencers, D Loop etc. use an IBO speed of 335 and you're right where you should be - you're in the listed speed range - and I'd bet the lower end is more common so I'd say good to go and go shoot the center out of them!