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07-25-2008, 01:04 PM
Have about a two year old Martin Hunter 50#RH. Have never been able to get a good flite out of an arrow. Pull 29". Have tried Easton 400 and 500,19-16 and 20-16's. Have tried 32" arrows, 31" arrows and 30" arrows . Have adjusted the brace height from 8 down to 6". The arrows fly, waving their nock end up and down to the target. I shoot from 20 to 28 yards. I use an endless string. Thanks, Big Fisherman

07-26-2008, 05:25 AM
I shoot a Martin HUNTER RH, 50#'s @ 28"s and my draw is 29"s. My brace height is 7.75"s. I have a flemish string and I'm shooting off the shelf (rug rest and side plate). My arrows are EASTON 500's (2016's). Last season I took 3 does with this set up and will use the same this season). The entire lenght of the arrow (end of nock to insert) is 31.75"s. It's topped off with a 150 gr B/H or field tips. As far as feathers, I use 5" SHIELD cut feathers. I use left wing feathers and fletch with a 2 degree off set.

TOO heavy (spine) of an arrow will come off the bow side ways upon release. If your arrow is "porpoising" you have to move your string nock until you find the sweet spot to stop this motion.

Hope the info helps