View Full Version : Terminator by Martin.....anyone know where a manual can be downloaded

08-12-2008, 06:45 PM
I shot a Bear Kodiak Magnum for 2 decades, 70's & 80's, and then went strictly centerfire for 2. I have been shooting a Martin "Terminator" recently, trying to get back into the swing, just a lot different now with releases, sights, etc, but I would like some info on this bow. It is 39" axle-axle, a 33" string, it says on a sticker that it is a cougar magnum, but the pictures of cougars dont have these 2 cams that this one has, oh yes, 2 cams. Any help here would be appreciated. I have about 4 friends who have gotten back into shooting also, one with a Jennings Speedstar, Diamond Kronik, Diamond The Edge, and a Golden Eagle which I have never even heard of, but 1 heavy bow. Any help here will be greatly appreciated. I called Martin and they had no idea, said it was probably built for a chain, never in their catalog. Thanx!

08-13-2008, 01:34 AM
Golden Eagle? One of those bows you can kill someone by slapping him?

Which year of production is the bow? We could find out which Cougar fits to it. You could also post a picture so we can identify it this way. This would be great to see the cams. The nice thing about martin is that you can choose your cams between different ones, so this might have an other cam model you do not see on the original pictures.

08-13-2008, 06:18 AM
I will try and post some pics, not sure if it's working. Where would the year of prod. be found on the bow. The sticker doesnt have a year. Just 55-70,50%,33",29", and a number which I'm not sure about the first digit. Thanx for offering the help. I am starting to enjoy this again. Presently getting 2 bulls eye's for 3 arrows at 65ft. I realize this is pretty close, but I will continue to work on it. I have lots of time. Thanx Again!

08-13-2008, 06:58 AM

This bow is too old for me so i cannot help. But maybe some of the others can as they have more experience with the older bows. I am sure that we can help you in some way.

Edit: I searched a bit and found out that your bow could be similar ti the Martin Cougar or Martin Cougar II. But you already said that. There are at least two different cams that i can identify on the bow. One more wheel like and one that looks likewise the one on your pictures but yours is a bit thinner. It is called Energy Cam. Maybe this helps the others, too. =)

08-13-2008, 09:11 AM
I can't help a whole lot either with that particular bow. It looks to be from the early 80's so I doubt that there's any info available for it anymore. And although I've been shooting since the early 70's I wasn't into Martin bows so .......

I do have a general knowledge about bows back then so if you ever have any particular question I, or anyone else on this forum would be glad to help----except for Flytier17. He's too young to know anything about these older bows.

For just genral information just about all the bows from that era were similar so any geral maintenance or tuning would apply to yours. You have steel cables so unless one would break ther isn't much you need to do except change the string once every two years or so. I would recommend using Dacron or B50 as the limbs won't take the added stress of today's fastflight strings. I also notice that there is no cable slide on the rod. I suggest you try to find one at a local archery shop (if the rod is round). It'll keep the plastic from wearing off the cables. And don't think because it is a two cam bow we would sneer at you. There are a lot of us on here that absolutely adore our present-day two cammers.

I know this might not help much, but it's about all I can do at this time.

08-15-2008, 08:08 PM
I don't even like the solos. Not that they don't have their place and uses, just not my preference.

08-15-2008, 08:12 PM
I, or anyone else on this forum would be glad to help----except for Flytier17. He's too young to know anything about these older bows.

I can't think of a smart remerk to counter your endless wit at this moment, so I'll just roll my eyes:rolleyes:

He IS right, much as I hate admitting or acknowledging his corectness, but I WILL be more than happy to help if I can. Can't promise results, just effort.

08-22-2008, 08:19 AM
hey the string on this bow is getting sorta frayed, really been waxing it weekly trying to keep all together. Is string replacement on this thing able to be done at home, or do I need to take it to a shop to have it done? I sure wish I could find a manual for this thing. The only thing I have found is in another thread where someone posted a picture and it had the same metal connectors holding the cables and marting called it a " micro adjustment system" in the 80's. Not much help there. Let me know about the string replacement though. someone has already cited which strings to use.

08-22-2008, 10:20 AM
The limb bolts on the more recent Martins can be backed out enough to take tension off so the string could be replaced without being put in a press, but I don't know if that's true with that one. Maybe someone else could tell you; if it needs pressed you'll need to take it to a shop. (I assume you don't have one)