View Full Version : Joelc, Single cam problem on short A2A bow

09-22-2008, 03:53 AM
Hi, can you please help with this problem. Questions through the Martin website are not getting through and I live in England so it is difficult and maybe expensive to telephone.

I am shooting a Jaguar Magnum with Dyna-cam. The split cable broke, at full draw, after less than a year at the point of the cam module F-7.
With a new cable fitted you can see that the angle the cable meets the module is too far across so when the bow is drawn the cable always rubs down the side of the groove badly wearing the cable serving.
I put some medical tape over the serving where the problem occurs and the tape wore through in less than four dozen arrows.
It is not possible to turn the cable guard further without fouling the fletchings (K-vane spin wing type) and the fletchings are fairly small already.
Looking at a different bow with a single cam, the cable to cam angle was less because the bow axle to axle was longer so the angle from cam to cable guard was less.

I appreciate there is not a problem with the bow itself and the Dyna-cam works well but it seems to be a problem with string and cable angles putting the single cam on a short bow.
I am not comfortable with the idea or the expense of having to change the cable twice a year to prevent the bow exploding by my face again.
Would changing to a dual cam system stop the cables/strings rubbing the cam groove edges so badly and what would it cost?

If you need more information please ask, I could also try sending photos if needed.


09-22-2008, 10:37 AM

Photos are always a great thing.

I am afraid to tell you that you will not reach Joel here. Better try it at Archerytalk again.

And before telling anything i would like to know if you have any cam lean?