View Full Version : MY new bow

10-07-2008, 02:42 PM
I just got my new bow after 14 years !!!!!!!!! :eek:
my choice for bow landed me on a martin after shooting several bows and finding that the Firecat was the one for me in the past i was just a tourney shooter as a child and was raised on recurve and long bows so I was never a big speed demon /testoterone filled person the only thing I knew was shot placement not how fast that arrow got to the target but since I shot last things have changed technology wise and with a little help form a freind of mine that is a martin shooter I decided against the hoyt and went with the firecat and man this bow is nice!!!!!!! keep in mind the last thing I shot was a bow about 3 lbs heavier Hoyt gamegetter 2 .and man o man its fast ,at first i was shooting a single pin sight and decided to go back to the multi pin sight that I had shot in the past I havent sighted it in yet I went with the VItal gear multipin and if I dont like it I will spend the money but right now I will make due until I get my form back.
But all in all I just wanted to share my new bow with you martin firecat with octane pro rest with vital gear sights.