View Full Version : 90's Jaguar vibration on full draw

10-12-2008, 08:08 PM
I have a Jaguar I bought back in the mid 90's. In the last year this bow started developing a vibration / clunk when I draw the bow back at full draw. Enough to make the carbon arrow jump off the rest. I took into my local bow shop and they said the only think they could find was the cams were out of sync, and they adjusted them. They said they pulled the bow may times and it never made the sound. When I got it home, I went to fire some practice arrows through it with my release and the vibration was there. I notice that it didn't make the noise when I used my hand to draw the bow. I shoot with a release and a string loop. The latest things to the bow was a new string about a year or so ago and the release loop. They put a 31" string on the bow. Which was what they told me is the correct length. The distance from the top to bottom limb is 40". Lastly this Jaguar is the model with steal cables. Could the problem be with the cables, string, loop, or something else?
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