View Full Version : Bengal, Firecat, Dreamcatcher. Next Warthog!

10-15-2008, 10:27 PM
To all of the staff and family at Martin Archery.

I am so proud to be shooting such fine, quality equipment.
My very first bow was a new Bengal I received in September of 2006.
Prior to that, I had never owned much less shot a compound bow. Or any bow for that matter. With a little practice and a great friend to coach me (via phone conversation) I was able to harvest my very first deer.
In 2007 I harvested 2, wit one being my first antlered, a seven point.

Since then I have acquired a new Firecat and Dreamcatcher. My very first recurve.

Now I look to the new Warthog. Yours is truly my first and only love for archery equipment.

Thanks to every one for all your hard work!