View Full Version : 08 Cheetah.. string coming off?? help

10-25-2008, 09:12 PM
ok i just got this bow earlier this week. i got the draw length and all my accessories put on yesterday morning and shot 8 shots with it yesterday everything was great it felt good it shot good arrows flying great but then today when i shot it i shot two arrows fine and then when i shot the third one the string came flying off right after i pulled the release. took it to the martin dealer where i got it all setup at and he said he didn't know so he had to fix my string because it got pinched between the cam ans the limb. ok after all that i shoot 4 shots at the shop and everything was fine. went back home shot 3 arrows fine then i go to shoot the 4th and the same thing happened. this is my first bow and i have no idea whats going on and why its doing this. I'm not torquing the bow and its never been dry fired i have the correct size arrows but I'm clueless as to why this is happening and i need a little help. Now i have 2 broken arrows and a bow that is not impressing me at all. I've read some things with cam lean but the dealer said everything looked fine so could it possibly be a defective bow ? someone please help. thank you

10-26-2008, 02:39 AM
You better check for cam lean yourself.

Put an arrow on the side of the Idler wheel and the cam and notice how good or bad it is aligned with the string. If it is not parallel with the string you have cam lean.

10-26-2008, 09:59 AM
ok well i think the guy at the dealer did that, now my string is all pinched and probably no good im really not trying to buy another string on a brand new bow and im already down 2 arrows in one day and at $90 a dozen its not even worth shooting the bow. if i sent it back to martin what would they do? would it cost me? the bow is less than a week old and brand new so would they send me the same bow back not knowing if it works good. i get an average of about 10 shots before it falls apart again and last time it snapped me right in the fingers and it hurt pretty bad, no serious damage just stung for about 20 minutes. but will martin see my side of the story, and if i do have cam lean who is going to fix it? i am clueless as to how to fix it and im not really going to attempt to try and fix it. but any other suggestions would be great. it not fun watching a brand new bow fall apart twice in one day.

10-26-2008, 11:10 AM
Take it to your proshop,have him put string back on,then have the tech watch you put a few arrows through it if it fails send it back somin aint right,if your proshop cant figure it out then its up to martin to fix it,which should not be a problem....

10-26-2008, 01:02 PM
Ok Well i took it to another archery shop and the guy noticed the string was pulling off to the side a little off of the idler wheel and he fixed that, i went back home put six arrows through it just fine and the seventh one i put through the string it came off again, this is rediculous this bow is brand new and it shouldn't be doing this. i guess im going to have to send it back to martin or something because noone can figure this out and its Really making me angry, i've messed up 3 arrows and it cost 45 for six me them and now who has to buy more? im pretty sure martin isn't going to say for them and i guess i either got a bad bow or this bow isn't all its supposed to be i dont know, any other suggestions?

10-26-2008, 03:34 PM
Call Martin customer service and ask for jake or Joel. Explain your experience and your situation. If you manage to stay calm and so on i bet you will get a great deal by them. ;)

10-26-2008, 04:14 PM
well thank you i sure hope so, right now im out 3 arrows and i haven't even got to go hunting yet, i haven't even got to fully sight it in without it breaking. i have had everyone look at everything and it looked like i had cam lean but i got that fixed and it still happened i think maybe it has to do something with it being a lh bow? i dont know im clueless as to why a brand new bow would do this