View Full Version : 05' Saber SE, F-6 mod, broken string

10-27-2008, 09:59 PM
Now that hunting season is over I decided to adjust my draw length to fit me a bit better. I figured that the F-6 mod would get me to the correct length and went to replace it. The F-4 mod that was currently on my bow is alum and I was a bit concerned about the F-6 being plastic and followed the directons to replacing it to T. After I drew the bow and put a stop in the cam the F-6 cam broke and turned itself sideways pinching the string between the cam and the limb. After only seconds the bind in the string caused it to fail at that point. I am not pointing fingures at Martin but am curoius why the mods are plastic. I have changed the mods from the F-4 to F-3 for a friend with no problem. When The mod broke I know that my string was done. I just hope that it didn't do any other damage to my bow. I did need to change my string but didnt really want to do it at this time.

Mostly I want the rest of you to be really careful when you are changing the mods.

BTW, the Saber did the charm for the second year in a row. I killed a nice Mulie doe on the 23th of Sept. One year to the day from last years deer (with a different string). 50 yards slightly uphill.