View Full Version : I give Martin Props for good customer service

11-03-2008, 10:21 PM
I Purchased a new Mag Cat AKA Jaguar at the end of last year. I had just started shooting it this summer an realized the rear cable slide bar wasn't aligned correct when it was put together and was causing alot of premature ware on the cable and string and was actually fraying them both very bad and it had destroyed the plastic slide. Martin told me to get it into a dealer or my local archery shop to correct the issue an they did Martin sent all new parts at no cost i didn't even have to pay for shipping or anything that was awesome. I was having doubts about Martin products but mistakes do happen but because of there awesome customer service they kept me as a customer. The only bad was that the bow was supposed to be an 07 and ended up being a left over 06 bow which isn't Martins fault but it sucks buying a bow at full price an its a year older than supposed to be OH well.

Thanks Martin for taking care of my issue !!!