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11-05-2008, 06:43 PM
What rest do I use for 3-D?? I have 2 spot-Hogg Platinums, same as GKF Platinum Premier for you old farts...:D, but I have been looking at the ProTuner with the Lock mount. Which one?

Also, if I use the Platinum, do I use prongs or a lizard tongue?

Looking for input from experienced 3-D shooters who know about these style rests.

Shooting it off my Cougar III. Using either CXL-II or ACC's

11-06-2008, 10:17 AM
Prongs or Lizard Tongue? My preferrence is the lizard tongue. I don't shoot a Pro Tuner, but I shoot several rests with the tongue. I shoot a Trphy Taker Spring Steel, simply because my rep got for me---free.

OH GEES, I just looked to see who it was. How ya doin Alec?

11-06-2008, 02:58 PM
I have no experience with 3D shoots but i am using the lizard tongue on both bows with a GK/Spot Hogg Premier Rest and i am very satisfied. :)

11-06-2008, 03:56 PM
OK, I think I will stick with the Platinums for now.

As fer how I'm doin' I'm mad. Gotta buy arrows. FMJ's are awesome hunting arrows, with one drawback. Make that 2. #1 is the price. BUT, you get what you pay for so I won't complain. Too much. #1 is that unlike carbons, they can bend after the slightest trauma and remain bent. Even with 1 shaft per spot per 10yds, I just spun-tested all my 18 arrows and only 8 are acceptable. Of those, only 5 are perfect. Other than that, I am fantastically happy with the arrows, and don't really want to switch. However, It is time to buy more, and since Easton switched the 340 FMJ from 11.1gpi to 11.3gpi, I need to start from scratch anyways. SOOO, Do you think I should go to a high-tolerance specs carbon, or stick with what I got and NEVER shoot more than one arrow per spot?

11-07-2008, 11:25 AM
I'm not even sure I'd go to a high spec carbon, but if you're having that much trouble keeping FMJ's straight I'd certainly start looking for something else. Either that or get you an arrow straightener. I have one of them that's about 35 years old, too. Haven't used it in, Oh, maybe 13 years.

What do you want to use them for? Spots? Try looking at some of the bigger diameter Gold Tips. 30X or something like that. I've been shooting 22 Pros for a couple years and they work pretty well. A .300 spine, but I've had them shooting well down to 48# at 27" with an 80gr target tip. I never looked to see how they paper tune as I don't paper tune, but hey, they got me a couple points on the 3D course over standard size arrows.

11-07-2008, 12:19 PM
Naw, I just hunt with these. I know you don't hunt primarily, but try to think like one...

Thechnically, I think they are great. Very massive (think physics, not size) and dense, so the effeciency with whick they absorb energy is fantastic. A 6fps difference between them and a standard carbn of the same weight. I know, I tested it. They are also slim, and have great penetration value. And, at 473grs. they keep the bow quiet and punch through stuff like bone where a light arrow can't. A great hunting arrow. Just a little hard to keep straight.

Maybe I will look into this arrow straightener, because i shoot Aluminums too. Will you sell yours? Pm me if you want...

For 3-D, I need to get new arrows too. Any reccommendations? Shooting them off my CougarIII. I was thinking CXL-II's or ACC's. Whats your opinion?