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C Bailey
11-13-2008, 03:18 PM
Anyone have an idea when shops should be expected to have 2009 models?

Also, anyone have an idea the logic behind the pricing schedule for the three models with the M2pro cams (Moab, Bengal, Cheetah)? On the online store the Moab (Pro series that includes CCS and STS) is $500, the Bengal (Gold series that doesn't include CCS and STS) is $450 and the Cheetah (shorter version of the Bengal) is $400. The CCS and STS as accessories comes to roughly $65. What gives? The short answer is that the MOAB seems to be a great deal. Or, is it that now the Bengal and Cheetah are a bit overpriced? My guess is that they are both better and more expensive. What separates the 2009 Pro-Series Moab from the Gold Series Bengal other than the CCS and STS?

Now, this principle is completely reversed with the top two CAT cam bows. The warthog and firehawk seem to have no difference other than ATA (riser length) and the deduction of the CCS in the Warthog, but the price difference between the two is a whopping $120. The warthog price seems too close to the Slayer price, considering the use of the new modular riser which is supposed to be cheaper to manufacture.

Any thoughts? Just curious what others thought about the new prices.

11-28-2008, 09:23 AM
I feel a little deceived or maybe just let down; no Slayer in the 2009 line up; I guess the Warthog holds the spot where the Slayer would have been.

Why does the Warthog cost $749-$769? I thought the whole "modular-riser" design was to keep the cost and waste down and pass the savings on to the customer like the other models. So no one-piece riser "speed bow" this year? Also why doesn't the Warthog use the CSS? I'm thinking that it robs a few FPS so then the Warthog might not reach the speeds that Martin's wanting it to. I do like the shelf silencer; I have a modified Firecat shelf dampener on my 08' Slayer.

I guess that there might have been too many limb problems with the 08' Slayer which is why Martin started shipping and/or putting washers under the limbs (which I'm not to happy with; kind of a cheap fix) My 08' Slayer is on it's third set of 3H limbs (the third set now having washers under them).

I just don't understand why the new 2009 speed bow, the "Warthog" costs what the 2008 Speed bow, the "Slayer" did when the reason for the higher price of the Slayer was the one-piece riser design versus the less expensive modular-riser design of the other bows that the Warthog now is a part of (the Warthog looks to be a 2-piece riser design)

I'm still seriously considering getting a Warthog just wondering what happened.

Any Martin guys got any answers?

11-28-2008, 11:18 AM
No answers from me. Maybe it's just a matter of raw materials costing more this year. Maybe trying to cover losses from broken limbs on some bows. I don't know.

You guys are aware that the prices you are seeing are MSRP. In most cases you'll see themn go over the counter about $50 to $75 cheaper, depending on the model.

12-02-2008, 06:36 PM
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01-25-2009, 08:38 AM
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