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11-19-2008, 12:52 AM
There are two things I need help with.I am right now saving up for a new bow.I am an intermediate shooter and I am now going to start shooting more and get into the next level so to speak.

I am looking at the new matthews reezen,the new hoyt and the new firecat.I keep coming back to the firecat but the thing I dont like about it is the grip that comes with it from the factory.I know you can put a different grip on it.I just wish there was a way for me to try the bow with the different grips installed just to make sure I like it.So if anyone has a firecat and has some insight into their likes and dislikes about the bow,that would be great.

The second thing is that I would like to start doing some 3-d and or target shooting.But I dont know where to get started.I would love to find some instruction to make sure I am where I need to be as far as form and technique goes.I also was wondering if I should think about getting another bow to shoot 3-d or target with instead of the bow I am getting right now which will be for hunting.Any info anyone could provide would be great.

11-19-2008, 07:26 AM
Don't have much to offer you in regards to your hunting requirements/desires, but I will chime in on ideas for a target bow.

First, you stated: "But I dont know where to get started.". The place to start is simply, "get out there and shoot". If the folks in your area are anything like those in my area, they will bend over backwards to offer assistance. As far as your form and technique go, it will become very obvious very quickly if there are problems.

This is going to sound kinda "stupid", but there's a lot of "personal experience" in the following statement(s).

#1 Do NOT expect to go on any kind of target shoot and score like those that have been doing it for years.

#2 Your FIRST goal should be to go home with the same number of arrows that you started with. :)

#3 Your SECOND goal should be to "score every arrow".

After you've accomplished these goals, then you can start working of getting higher scores.

My grandfather used to say this about fishing: "If catching fish is the only way you're going to enjoy a fishing trip, then you're destined for many disappointments. You must enjoy the preparation, the trip itself, and just being there. Actually catching fish is the BONUS."

Back in the spring of this year, there was a rather big Field shoot scheduled in my area. I had only been on the Field course a couple of times and was considering staying away. Mr. Randy Hinkleman, whom I'd not met at the time contacted me personally and stated something like this: "Anyone can be a back yard champion - come on out and just have fun". That's what I did - recorded the lowest score of the 35+ archers there, but had the time of my life - and went back to the Field range every week until we ran out of daylight. Now I'm shooting indoors with many of the same folks every Thu. night. BTW: If you're not familiar with Randy, he is the NFAA Amateur Male Shooter of the Year (SOY), plus the '07 & '08 NFAA amateur male national champion. He just turned pro a couple of months ago.

Now, what kind of bow should you look for? There's really only 2 choices (in my book). Either the Martin Scepter 4 or the Martin Mystic. If your draw length is 28.5 or higher, you should consider the S4, if shorter, look at the Mystic.

Also (in my book), you'd be hard pressed to find better accessories than these:
Doinker stablizers
SureLoc Supreme sight
SureLoc Black Eagle scope (yes I think they are worth the extra money)
Carter or Stan release
Easton ACC arrows in the correct spine for your draw weight
Flex Fletch vanes
Easton G nocks

Your mileage may very, but you asked, so I answered. :p

Good luck in your quest - now get on the target ranges and have fun!

BTW: I'm 56 years old and shot my first bow ever in my life on Jan. 10 of THIS year. I think I got the archery fever badddd. :D

11-19-2008, 09:37 PM
thank you very much for your help.I really appreciate it.