View Full Version : 6 Year Illinois Quest Complete!

11-24-2008, 04:12 PM
6 Year Illinois Quest Complete!


Six seasons of going to Illinois and finally I see a "Shooter" buck within bow range. Guess what happens next? First a little story. I am on the last evening of the hunt. Friday evening at about 5:50. I have been hunting nonstop since the Sunday evening before with only seeing does and small bucks. I did see a good 10 point but too young. I hear the faint crackling of leaves, probably just the squirrels I have heard all week , but NO!....... definite walking crunches, then I see legs......... then a body and low and behold horns materilize. He stops behind a small sapling just long enough for me to judge him. Lets see, not very wide, long tines, good mass, best buck I have ever had this close, 15 yards. The Lumenock lights up and I just let the Muzzy eat!!!!!!!!!!!!! 50 yds later I find my Illinois Trophy! 128 " 9 point with a kicker off the split brow tine off the back. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BBD BABY.Martin Firecat Strikes again! There is nothing like the feeling of going out of state and scoring. The only thing better about this was my son was there with me to enjoy all this!