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12-04-2008, 07:14 PM
What sight to put on my C3 Cougar Mag NOS X

I have a Spot-Hogg Hogg-It 7-pins, 0.010", with an 8" extension bar. For those unfamiliar, this sight has 2nd and 3rd axis, coarse and no-clamp micro adjust vertical and horozontal, round pin guard for guardshooting, is built like a tank, and is very dependable.

Or, do I get myself another Toxonics Naildriver 5300 with a 3rd axis bar.

Shootin' competitive 3-D with a dedicated 3-D setup. No crossover dual-purpose bow, it's just for shooting 3-D.

I have more experience shooting pin sights, but I don't want to limit my experience either. Should I start shooting scopes in 3-D now, and get better with them, or should I get more experience with 3-D under my belt before I start incorporating scope shooting. This is only my second 3-D season, and I have only been to 7 shoots last year, all informal. I have another Martin Prostaffer that is going to introduce me to more competitive shoots where scores are counted and ranked, and some that will be qualifing shoots for more prestigious tournaments.