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12-15-2008, 07:12 PM
'06 ShadowCat Riser
Nitrous "A" Cam w/ small mod
Elite (Scepter4) limbs "5M"

12-15-2008, 07:43 PM
'06 ShadowCat Riser
Nitrous "A" Cam w/ small mod
Elite (Scepter4) limbs "5M"


1 1.5 2 2.5 3 3.5 4
A - cam 25" 25.5" 26" 26.5" 27" 27.5" 28"

50# 60# 70#
4H 6H 8H
So by guessing aprox 52-55# DW withthe DL specs of above!

Shoot String: 53.25"
Split String: 42.75"

12-19-2008, 10:38 AM
At 3# per turn, 5 turns out, I might be about where I need to be…. Perhaps you can help shed some light on this situation for me. I'm trying to get my wife and daughter set up, and I'm almost there, but not quite.

This is where I'm at:

Bow #1:
I need to arrive at 35# draw weight on a Left Hand Martin Shadow Cat, Currently has 50-65# Elite Limbs, Nitrous A cams(HL) w/ small modules.

Bow #2:
I'd like to arrive at 35# draw weight on a right handed Martin Tigress
Currently it as Magnum 35-50# limbs and Dyna Cams (so it's already there)

Extra parts:

(1) set: Elite 5M limbs

(1) set: Nitrous A cam (HL) w/ small nodules, and the X-Mods.
I was going to put the Nitrous cams on the Tigress but folks have been telling me the Dyna is a really decent set-up and to leave it alone.
Also I was going to put the X-Mods on the Shadow Cat, but again folks have been warning me that it can be a real b!tch to get timed right, and could go out of synch, at the most in-opportune time, like in the middle of States or Nationals.

Mom's shadow cat is TOP PRIORITY, She just took #1 in women's division in the last league and has one more league (starting the first week of January) before the State Championships, and then on to Nationals. So, obviously, I need to get this done soon so she can get settled in on her new bow before States.( Also we are entirely "un-sponsored" so this is all coming out of my pocket, and I've already gone WAY over budget on this project.) I don’t mind swapping parts around, but I don't want to be chasing my tail either, just to end up with too high of a draw weight.

The thought was to leave the tigress alone, and drop the 5M limbs on the Shadow Cat. However, I'm not above ripping the magnum limbs off the Tigress and putting them on the Shadow Cat and putting hte 5M on the Tigress, if that is what it will take to get this done, soon, and without dropping any more cash. (see reasons above) However I would prefer to get both bows shooting before State and leave the Tigress "as is".

Lastly, anybody want to trade me a set of 25-40# (first choice) or 35-50# (second choice) Elite(or mangum) limbs for a set of 50-65# (they are in immaculate condition)or the 5M Scepter4 limbs.

12-19-2008, 10:48 AM
Lastly, anybody want to trade me a set of 25-40# (first choice) or 35-50# (second choice) Elite(or mangum) limbs for a set of 50-65# (they are in immaculate condition)

Maybe...what does the logos say. Tell me what the logos say and I will let you know.

Send me a PM.

12-19-2008, 11:18 AM
Cant help you out on limbs buddy but I do have a F4,F5,and F6 Modual I can send you for FREE for your Daughters Tigress bow! PLease Pm me your Address and I will get them out to you as soon as I can!:cool:

12-20-2008, 05:09 PM
Went and got the Mom's (new/used) ShadowCat out of the vault this morning and installed the 5M limbs on it and brought it to the pro shop to use the digital scale to check it... Even w/ it backed out 5 turns it was just too darned high for her. :mad:

The shop owner, and all around great guy took one of his (many) target bows out of the back room that has some 3M limbs on it and did a quick limb swap so she would have something under the tree that was actually shootable. :D Eventually I'll need to get him his limbs back, but for now she has a "real" bow to start the league in January with.

Man, if forgot how sweet Martins are to draw and shoot. I can't wait to see the look on her face when she draws and fires her first shot out of this thing. I sure wish they still made the Tigress, My wife and _both_ my daughters would have one.