View Full Version : Took the firecat to the shop today

vision archery
12-19-2008, 09:20 PM
Well I took my firecat down to the shop today and let these fellers check it out. One of the guys that works there he shoots a bowtech 82nd, and the owner he shoots a diamond bow. They don't have a chrony so got to get my brothers. But this is the first time these guys have seen a martin bow, there just isn't ant dealers around here close by. They told me to shoot it so they could make fun of it they said. Well when I hit the release their mouths was just hanging open LOL. Can't put the words on here they said but they both had to shoot it. The owner of the shop asked if any shop could carry these bows and I told him I thought that only certain shops carried the pro bows. I didn't know the bow was soo quiet till someone else shot it, all I could hear was the arrow smack the target. They think the bow is well over 300 fps and that is with my hunting arrows. All I know is look out 3-D range for this spring we are bringing the cat.;)