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vision archery
12-19-2008, 09:28 PM
Hey all, sorry for all the new threads but just like to talk bows. This super tunning you all talk about, can any of you put it into words? Not asking for all of your secrets just some good tips that you have picked through the years. I have been shooting since I was about 12 and now I am turning 40 soon and my fire for archery is stronger today than it was soo many years ago. I even got into making my own bows.

12-20-2008, 10:51 AM
Well; heres a very basic summary of what I do to my bows when I get them.

First, I use a calculator to determine the exact spine and length of the arrow before I begin. I buy and cut my shafts accordingly. Then, I set my bow up, visualy establishing centershot and squareness. I put the rest as low as possible for the fletched to clear the arrow shelf, and I skuare the loop from that visually. Then I break my prostrings in with 50 shots with a light arrow. Then, I set my peep and silencers. Next, I eradicate cam lean and time the tp cam to touch a hair before the bottom one. I then sight in for 20yds and 30yds. Then, I do a centershot tuning. I put a dot about 1" wide @ 30 yds, ans shoot 1 arrow 3 times to confirm my sight-in @ both 20 and 30. I then use a level to draw a perfectly vertical line 2 feet down from the dot. I then shoot 1 arrow @ 30yds using my 20yd pin. 3 times. (I don't shoot groups as it wrecks arrows fast) I compare the holes to the vertical line; discarding flyers or bad shots. I move my rest in 1/32" increments in the direction of the line from the group. When the arrows hit the line, my centershot is good. I then do a bareshaft tuning. This is to get the exact arrow spine. If they impact left or right; I cut the arrows down bt by bit, or lower the poundage bit by bit to get the spine just right. The centershot should not be moved. If the bareshafts impact high or low of the fletched shafts, I move the loop up or down to get them to impact with the fletched shafts. I do my bareshaft @ 20 yds at first, and 30 later to tweak it. All my bows are dual cammed; so I do not creep tune, and I keep the tillers even. I do a papertune after all this, justfor fun mostly. Barshafts and fletched shafts. I have yet to have a papertune that is off by more than 1/4" in any direction after the other tuning. I do all my tuning indoors to eliminate as many variables as I can, and I also clean my contact lenses and am well rested before I tune. I practice diligently every day for a week before as well. This is the most I can do to ensure I am shooting my best, and give the best possible tolerances for my tuning.

12-20-2008, 01:01 PM
:eek: :eek: :eek: I'll never have the patience for this!

vision archery
12-20-2008, 02:53 PM
Thanks for the info, going to give it a shot on this firecat and see what happens.

12-20-2008, 03:33 PM
This is just one way. There are many out there. Some people think if their bow shoots a perfect papertune, it is tuned. Others don't believe in the barshaft because they don't ever intend to shoot unfletched shafts. I also know a very good archer who never tunes period. And he can shoot circles around most of the guys at league night.

Maybe some of the other members will chime in here as to what there preferences are so as to give you a bit of a better overall perspective as to different tuning methods.