View Full Version : 07 Jaguar at 243fps, can a Cheetah go faster???

12-31-2008, 11:11 AM
I live in Charlotte, NC and find dealers for Martin bows to not have much inventory or very good customer service. They want you to spend a lot more on higher priced manufacturers. I currently have an 07 Jaguar (Dyna Cam) set to a 26.5" draw, pulling 63lbs. Really like the bow but would like to pick up a little more speed shooting my 410 grain hunting arrows. Currently I am shooting 243fps with this setup. I don't have anywhere to go and compare any of the new bows for 09 by Martin. I am especially interested in the Moab and the Cheetah. Does anyone here have a similar setup as me here, (26.5"draw, low 60's lb pull, 400 grain arrows) that can beat 243fps on a newer or different Martin? I only would like to pickup an addition 17 - 20 fps. On my Jaguar I have taken everything but the D-Loop and peep site off the string and use a drop away (Ripcord) rest, not the bisket. I also have lighter 325 grain arrows which get up to the low 260's fps (where I would like to be) but I like the heavier arrow for wind and penetration.

Any help would be appreciated!!!


12-31-2008, 11:27 AM
Can a Cheetah shoot faster...I don't know it depends on several factors but lets look at your set up.

63 lbs., 410 gr. arrow, 26.5 draw length.
If you take IBO specs at 30" draw, 70 lbs. 350 gr. arrow and use interpolation 1 fps for every 5 grains of arrow weight added =+19 fps you would gain by using IBO specs then10 fps for every inch of draw gained would put you at + 35 fps added to your set up for a total of an additional54 fps added to 243 = 297 fps just shy 3 fps of 300 fps. Your setup is not that shabby if you ask me for the cams you are using.

01-01-2009, 05:54 AM
I doubt you are going to see much difference with a bow using MPro cams. I took you specs and plugged them into this site: http://www.bucklemke.com/ke/ke.php - used a 315 IBO speed and it comes up right about where you are now. I have found this site to be quite accurate: I punched in the numbers and then went out and Chrono'd my 3 bows. The results were within a few fps. BTW, I think you are getting good performance out of that bow as well. If you really want to get an increase in speed you are going to have to look at something with CAT cams.

01-01-2009, 12:33 PM
Hello,i have owned both bows,except the jag i had was a 05 model with dyna cam,i now own a 08 martin cheetah,the difference between the bows is night and day.
First with your draw length,you'll pickup some speed but not like someone like me with a 29dl,but enough to justify a upgrade.
Second you'll find the new cheetah a far more enjoyable bow to shoot,my cheetah is very quiet and dead in the hand,fast,dont know about the moab,but i bet it is.
Third,my cheetah is a 45#-60#max draw weight but on a scale it pulls 65#,so thats a extra bonus.
I dont think you can go wrong on upgrading to one of the two bows i say go for it..............:)