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01-03-2009, 12:59 AM
Just got my first shipment of Aerovane II for the ATA show. A little disappointed that the surface treatment had added weight, the vane now is at 6.48 grains each! I fletch up 6 of my hunting arrow and will head out to the woods and see how well it works (someone have to do the testing, might as well be me) :D

Enclosed is what they look like on my arrows and close up.


I shall have them in mass production and some fine tuning after the ATA. For now, it is good enough for the show! Wish me luck. For those who are going, see you at booth #2609.

01-03-2009, 04:40 AM
Good luck on the ATA! You have a great website.If you find a dealer in Bulgaria :rolleyes:, i'll be glad to buy some of the products.

01-03-2009, 07:33 AM
If you want to "stress test" some vanes, I have 14 kids in my Church Youth Archery Program that have the uncanny ability to detect and exploit even the slightest weakness of any product and destroy it in in no time flat....

I'd offer you their Beta Testing services free of charge!!!
And since we are a registered (501c3)Charitable Organization (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/501(c)#501.28c.29.283.29) you can even get a full tax deduction for anything you send for "Stress Testing" :):)

01-03-2009, 10:53 AM
When can I buy these suckers?

Can I get a red colour for my CXL-SS's that have red and black wraps on them?

How about orange and blue and green?

01-03-2009, 08:21 PM
When can I buy these suckers?

Can I get a red colour for my CXL-SS's that have red and black wraps on them?

How about orange and blue and green?

By end of February it would in dealers and on our web store.
more technical detail
It do however have very low Roynolds numbers (for the aerodynamics engineers) It is design to be fletch straight for highest efficiency.

• Uses airfoil technology to induce rotation compared to the high drag system that traditional “Helical” fletch utilizes.
• Utilizes true airfoil design (continuous change of thickness and curved surface).
• Does not generate nearly as much noise as traditional vanes when shot .
• Has a true owl wing frontal design (Modeled after the only bird that flies with no sound).
• Is made of a very rigid material for structural rigidity as in maximum steering.
• A 3 vane configuration would create enough circular lift (rotation) to stabilize most fixed blade broadheads.
• Works extremely well with most crossbows, as it is meant to be fletched straight and thus works well with the channel of crossbows.
• Has very little bending, flapping or fluttering due to structural integrity and material hardness (true ultra slim pyramid design).
• Is fletched straight thus creating minimum drag and maximum rotation.
• Is chemically formulated to easily bond with most fletching glue.
• Has a wind channel for structural flexibility.
• Has higher down range speed than most vanes on the market.
• Has minimum delta wing surface vortex.
• Has minimum 1st or 2nd stage turbulence.
• Has minimum surface to air drag with concave fasture.
• Can be easily fletched with Jo-Jan or BITZENBURGER fletching jigs with very simple modification (instruction included).
• Works well with Whisker Biscuits arrow rest as it has the thick frontal end to open the bristles and allows the vane to pass with minimal drag.
• Has a height of 0.5”, and a length of 1.95”.
• Weighs 4.7 to 6.48 grains (not confirm yet, target is under 5 grains each)

If all goes well, 10 colors.

red, orange, yellow, green, lime, blue, white, black, clear, and pink, in the 1st quarter of 2009

Now the real kicker! To finally get aerovane II shot right with a big broad-head. I believe I need to write a technical manual for it which I am going to need very soon.

The extreme spin of it as it is so fast it actually CHANGE the SPINE of an arrow! How would an average Joe dealer or non bow-county folks would understand? OK, let me say it in another way. I spend the last 2 days testing. I discover that I need an arrow with much weaker spine in order for the arrow with broad head to fly right. I used to use 75/95, I need to drop to 55/75 and it drills. The rhino 45/70 will not even work as the spine is so strong due to thick wall! The extreme spinning actually stiffen the spine of an arrow so much it is unthinkable.

So, with Aerovane II, it is not just make the vane lighter, but with its extreme spinning ability, it actually make an arrow stiffer. Which mean you can now use an even lighter arrow so that it would shot right. If the arrow is too stiff, the oscillation / slow recovery of the arrow with the spin actually make the arrow not shootable with aerovane II.

This is getting INTERESTING if you asked me, but with so much technology and adviser I can consult with, it is actually getting FUN. Just that when all is not working, the frustration is hard to bare sometimes.

What they say is so true, the more one learn, the one find out one do not know much at all!