View Full Version : Riser querry :Cheetah vs Jaguar

01-04-2009, 03:35 PM
Anybody have a cheetah and a jaguar they can compare side-by side for me?

My wife is a lefty and wants a Jaguar Take-Down....
Martin is not offering the new Jaguar Take-Down in Left Hand...

I'm thinking of buying a RH one for her (and one for me ;-) and pulling the limbs off of it to put on a LH Cheetah Riser. Since I (now) have procured a LH Cheetah riser, for her.

Trying to compare as close to the same specs as possible:
A Jaguar w/ Magnum limbs:
32 1/2"
7 Brace Height

A Cheetah w/ Magnum limbs
30.5" Axle to Axle
7" Brace Height of

What that would elude to( to me at least) is that the limbs of the Jaguar are bedded at a steeper angle and set aft more, than the cheetah and I'll need to shorten the string by almost 2", which means making a new one (I'm thinking trying to twist 2" of length our of a string is insane..)

Otherwise I'll just build her a 3-D / Hunting bow out of the Cheetah Riser and fiind something else closer to the specs of a "LH Jaguar riser."

01-05-2009, 07:21 AM
a cheetah will be way to parallell for those recurve limbs.

Find an old LH jaguar compound, use the riser, sell the limbs and cams off it, and buy recurve limbs from Martin.