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01-07-2009, 07:26 PM
I'm new to archery and I chose a martin cheetah which I am very happy with. But whats up with this forum? Twice I posted questions on this site and people seem to good to respond to someone who is eager to get into the sport with similar equipment. If I had the knowledge to assist someone new to the sport I would take the few minutes it might take to assist someone. I seem to get more assistance from another archery site (archerytalk) than I can get from fellow martin bow people and I hate to say it but that is a shame!

01-07-2009, 08:30 PM
OK, being as you feel that way let's hash over those questions and the answers you recieved.

One was the question about the split at the base of the limbs, correct? It was answered by Simon (Montalaar) to some extent and you responded with a "thankyou". I assumed you understood and were OK with this answer.

To get technical, yes, this is how the limbs are manufactured. Why I can't answer as I'm not a bow designer. Now I ask you. Why didn't you just ask the person you bought the bow from?

Now the question about waxing bowstrings........ I thought this was answered pretty well by me and others. Please read our answers and tell me what else you could want to know.

Let's go to next one about pendulum sights. I thought I answered that one in detail. What more do you want? Maybe the reason you don't have a ton of responses is that either others have not tried them or they basically agree with what I said.

That takes care of all the questions you have asked except one---the last one. And the answer is a qualified "NO". We here on this forum are not TOO good to help fellow archers. That's what we're here for. We do not work for Martin either. We are mostly just a bunch of archers and bowhunters willing to sacrifice some of our time to pass on some of the knowledge we've gained from shooting and working on our bow. And most of that by just doing what we have to do. Some might refer to it as "hands-on" self learning or "OJT".
We didn't have the internet to gather information. We just tore into it and learned.

As for posting on AT? Go ahead. It's a great site that is, OOOOH, owned and operated by Martin and sponsored by many other enterprises. Almost to a man, you will find the members on here are on AT, too. Just that one here we are more on a personal level---almost friends if you want to look at it that way. You are welcome to join in, too. We preclude nobody.

This site has about 7,000 members. AT has about 100,000. You're bound to get more responses. But think about this. Do you just want to read answers to your questions from a lot of people who may know virtually nothing about bows, but just have some opinion, or do you want the right answers?

Any internet forum has it's share of idiots and archery forums are no different. Do you have the knowledge to be able to differentiate between the two?

Sooooo, as I said before, you are welcome to stick around and join the crowd. Just be a little civil about things. None of mean any malice nor do we expect any in return. We're just archers helping archers.


01-08-2009, 04:27 AM
I'm sorry I came off abit harsh. It's just I got the bow bug so bad that I'm not learning enough fast enough. But I do value all your previous input alot. I even went out a week ago and bought the HHA OL 5000 sight and love it. I already sighted it in and shot 6 out of 8 bullseye from 40yds. at my Block target in 15 to 20 mph winds, I know this isn't smart to shoot in such strong winds but I couldn't wait for the wind to slow. I will try to be more civil and apologize again just got the bow bug and I'm loving it.

01-08-2009, 10:14 AM
Not a problem. Apology accepted. Just didn't want you to think we're a bunch of blue-noses here. Most of us are just archery enthusiasts so we're glad to help. I don't think there are any pro shooters here, but there are a couple staff shooters. That doesn't mean we know everything. Mostly just that we're been around for a while. And we don't always agree with each other either. That's what makes things interesting.

Oh, I like your choice of the OL-5000. I know HHA makes more expensive sights with more features but this one kind of keeps things simple. It's what I carry on my hunting bow and just recently put it on my 3D bow.

See ya.