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01-08-2009, 10:51 AM
hi all. i am in the process of purchasing an '07 slayer as my second bow. i have owned nothing but mathews for roughly the past 15 years. i am a little nervous about the 2cam thing. buying a used bow over the internet is tough because most bows are now DL specific. so the Slayer looked great to me as i am in the middle for it's DL range. so any opinions or facts anyone can give me about an '07 Slayer would be appreciated. thanks. oh and the brace height makes me a little worried also. guess i better get my form "perfected".

01-08-2009, 02:23 PM
Welcome to the Martin Archery forum. Congratulations on your defection from the dark side!:D

I too have an 07 Slayer. It is by far my favorite bow. I shoot it more than all my others put together, and shoot it every day.

Don't be worried about the BH thing. Does the bow have B cams or C cams? 13" Supermag or 14" Mag limbs?

Mine has a 14" Mag. limbs and C cams, and it has a BH of 6 7/8". Wit B cams, it would be about 6 1/2".

Does it have the X system with tthe shootthrough cables? If so, I find it easier to shoot with good form because it is impossible to straightarm your bow are with the additional cables. I found my form improved when using the X system.

The Slayer is a fast bow, but more forgiving than you might expect. It has a hard draw, but not a harsh draw. It ramps wuickly, and drops quickly, but the rollover is butter smooth, which makes it deceptively seem like it has less letoff than it actually does. It is a very smooth drawing bow. Peak weight is held steady, like the Mathews "straightline technology", where the peak weight is flat and straight, without peaks or bumps. You might notice it draws a bit like a Mathews in that respect.

Let us know how you like it.