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01-21-2009, 08:29 AM
OK, rookie here and not much of a master at surfing the internet. Anyway, I have the opportunity to purchase a new Serengeti recurve and can't find any information about it. More specifically, how does it compare to the X-200? Have read many good things about the X-200. Thanks for the help.

01-21-2009, 05:33 PM
If you get on Martin's website you can find both bows listed in the 2006 catalog and Tech charts. The Tech chart is easier to read due to bigger letters.

Not knowing the two bows personally, but just looking I'd say that the Serengeti will have more cast (speed) for a given draw length due to it's slightly shorter brace height. Other than that there isn't too much of a difference between the two, tech-wise.

01-22-2009, 07:36 AM
Thanks for the help.

01-22-2009, 11:37 AM
The Serengeti is a much nicer bow than the X-200. Much nicer wood is used and the limb design is more reflexed than the X-200.

The grips are different. The grip on the Serengeti is flatter like a Hatfield, and on the X-200 it is more round like the Howatt's (Hunter, Mamba, etc). If you have a chance to hold each, you will definately see a difference. It is a personal preference on how you hold the bow, I like the Serengeti grip better.

The older X-200 could not use a FF string. This is about 10fps disavantage to the FF compatible Serengeti.

Good Luck!