View Full Version : Free Firenock nocks for reviews

01-22-2009, 08:53 PM
Hunting season is technically over, and I would like to hear and see pictures of what you have done with your Firenock last season. Good and bad I wanted to know how you did with your Firenock. So if you write a review, I shall send you a pack of Firenock replacement nock (pack of 7) in the style and color of your choice (value at $9.95). So you bow hunt tired Firenock circuit can get some new skin. The firenock nock style and color choices are as follows:

"S" style : red, green, clear, blue, orange, pink, smoke, wood, yellow
"A" style : red, green, clear
"E" style : red, green, clear
"C/H" style : red, green
"F" style : red, green

FYI, we also offer life refresh/update for your broken circuit. You hear me right. After the 30 un-conditional warranty expires, you Firenock will still be taken care of. Please view our lifetime refresh/update policy to know how well we take care of our valued Firenock owners.


Please e-mail me the review, or link and your address so I can send you the free nocks