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01-26-2009, 12:52 PM
Hello I am new to Target Archery. I have a Scepter 2 and love it. I have a hunger to learn, to grow, a need to know ! Is there a good monthly magazine out there that pertaines to mostly 3D and target archery ? One that has shoot outs and comparisons of bows and products ? Al I see is Hunting Mags. I am not a hunter !
Thanks Jim From Indiana

01-26-2009, 01:23 PM
Unfortunately here in the US the market is dominated by hunting equipment so there will always be a preponderance of related material. Even in the mostly target based rags you’ll still get some hunting related material. Here are some suggestions for you that tend to have a more target related slant.
The Glade is an archery only magazine out of the UK

If you join the NFAA you get a pretty good magazine called strangely enough “Archery”
its mostly target related with a few hunting related articles.

If you join the NAA (National Archery Association) then you get the “USA Archer” it has quite a bit of really good target related info but with a particular slant toward Olympic style shooting.

Here are a few really good online resources too.
John Dudley is a pro archer and an author most of his articles can be read online at his web site

Archery Focus is an online magazine that you will need to pay for but I find the articles to be fantastic and none of them are hunting related.

For getting a sneak peek at equipment and finding out about the business side of archery take a look at “Inside Archery”

Hope those suggestions help.