View Full Version : Martin moab 2008

02-06-2009, 08:39 AM

it is now 2 months since i bought my moab, and i was surprised to see cracks on both limbs.. Is there anyone out there who can comment on this...

02-06-2009, 09:08 AM
What kind of cracks and where are they located. It is fairly rare to see problems with the Moab or other bows using these limbs. For what it's worth, these are the same limbs used on most all the bows with Mpro and Dyna cams. Whether it be one of the netry level bows all the way up to the Moab the limbs are essentially the same.

Is it possible for you to post a picture? Sometime what is being seen is just a seam in the dipping process. They get a little hard to distinquish sometimes. Something else yoiu could try is rubbing a fingernail across what appears to be the crack and see if it actually feels like a crack. If it's near the end or edge of a limb maybe rubbing a cotton ball along it can confirm it if it's a splinter.

Other than that the best thing you could do is take it to your dealer and see what he thinks. If there is a faulty limb you can rest assured that Martin will take care of it.

02-17-2009, 06:33 AM
i have an 08 moab, and i had to replace the limbs because of a crack. martin took care of it amiditally,no dout martin has an excellant customer service. it is just a pain to have to tear your bow down, replace the limbs and reset everthing, but things happen. i'm sure all the other archery companys have the same problems . i just recieved a new 09 moab i hope by now they have worked out the limb problem, if infact there is a problem . some of those cracks are from dry fires and to light arrows for the sake of speed. things like cracks in the paint and bad strings should be taken care of before there shipped, a person shouldn't have to replace the string on a new bow because he can't get the peak wt. that he bought the bow for. i love the way martin bows shoot and look, so i will be a martin fan as long as i can shoot:)