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03-18-2009, 08:41 AM
I'm trying to set up a Mystic Elite, and after looking at the actual Mystic information page on the website (which says that the ATA is supposed to be 39.25"), then looking at the 2009 Tech Spec Info charts (which says the ATA is supposed to be 40.25"), I literally have no idea what the heck I'm going to use for string and cable lengths. I'm also confused as to why the Mystic Elite with small Furious cams and small modules will go down to 24" DL, but the actual Tech Spec Chart says that the draw length goes from 25-30? What's the deal? I also had a problem with the string and cable lengths for the 2007 Phantom Elite with Furious cams...I made the strings and cables the same lengths as the Spec Chart said to, and my ATA was about .75" short and the BH was about .5" too large, so I had to order new cables.

03-18-2009, 10:02 AM
#1, regarding the DL specs. The Furious with small mods will go down to 24, and with XL cams and L mods will go to 32.5" The specs chart read the optomised DL range, where the bow will shoot the best for people in those ranges. The actual cam charts show the complete range. it makes sense. If you have a shorter DL than 25", a Mystic Mag or other bow is probabaly more manageable than a 40" Elite target bow with a large BH. if your DL is longer than 30, you probably want a bigger bow with a longer BH. Assuming you are using the bow for its intended purpose, namely spots or outdoor target.

#2, If the string and cable lengths are not right on, again, take it with a grain of salt. They have to be close, but chances are when tuning, you are going to be twisting and untwisting anyways for the best performance, or at leat you should be.

#3, the specs charts may have typos. Look at the Firect. The script sayd 325fps, but the specs say 315-320. Which is it? Well, just think it out. The A2A is less than the firecat, but the BH and the cam system are the same. the Firecat hits 335, so I would think 325 is a reasonable guess for the speed. The 315-320 is therefore probably a typo. Another example is averages. The specs for nitrous bows for BH was an average of the A, B, and C cams. they used the B cams to provade the average. If you ge thte bigger C cam though, the BH goes up, and the A will have a lesser BH too. Maybe the BH is averaged for the Mystic Furious and Furious XL cams? Same with specs. A hint: Look ath the 08 specs too. They Mystic has not changed at all between 08 and 09. So, find out which are the most commonly stated, and go from there. I'll look this one up for you. Here:

2009 Mystic Specs: 39.25" A2A, 7.5" BH
2009 Specs Chart: 40.25", 7.25" BH, 52.5" ShtStr, 41.25" CtrlCbl
2008 Mystic Specs: 40", 7.25" BH
2008 Specs Chart: 40.25", 7.25" BH, 52.5" ShtStr, 41.25" CtrlCbl

OK, what we have here is 3 different specs for A2A, the BH is the same for all but the 2009 Mystic specs, and the string and cable lengths are the same for both specs charts.

Heres what I would do:

Get a 52.5" String and 41.25" cables. Install, shoot to stretch them it, and put them back to lengths. twist as necessary to eradicate cam lean and time the cams. Then, twist as necessary till you have 7.25" BH, and see what the A2A is. If the A2A is shorter than 39.75", or longer than 40.25", fix that to a compromise with specs.

Remember, your bow does not have to be in specs. I had my Slayer perfectly in specs, but after tuning, the A2A was 1/4" long, and the BH was 1/8" short.


07-02-2009, 10:38 AM
this what i actually rely on...

-2009 Specs Chart: 40.25", 7.25" BH, 52.5" ShtStr, 41.25" CtrlCbl
-2008 Mystic Specs: 40", 7.25" BH
-2008 Specs Chart: 40.25", 7.25" BH, 52.5" ShtStr, 41.25" CtrlCbl''

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