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03-23-2009, 12:19 AM
Alright heres my issue. I got the martin Monster Buck Hunter for christmas. The first thing I do is pull it back POW the string snaps off the cam and slaps my arm. Very po go to dicks and they give me a NEW one. Bring it home show my roomate he pulls it back bam it does the same thing. This time I go back to dicks they offer me a bear for 199.00 this bow was 369.00 decided to try it one more time. This time I take it straight to timber ghost and let mike work on it and tune it everything looks great. Take it to target shoot pull it back and it pulls off the cam AGAIN. I take it back to timeghost and I had no idea but he said im never supposed to pull it back by hand to only use my release. So he puts the string back on and ive been shootin it every week was deer huntin and just went on a hog hunt no problem. Yesterday im target shootin with my release and it snaps off. ANY one have any idea what I can do at this point dicks doesnt want me in there store. I guess I can return it again and hopefully get store credit if im lucky and sell that on ebay. Any advice would be great Thanks.

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03-23-2009, 12:23 AM
I Take it to dicks today to get the string put back on and he says its stretched and I need a new one :eek:

03-23-2009, 05:28 AM
Sounds like you might have some form issues,i say that because this happened with not one bow but two of them.You might be torqueing it and not know it.It's really hard to tell without watching you draw the bow.
As far as pulling the bow back with only a release and not fingers is not true,i do it all the time and so do the guys at my proshop and no problems.Anyway im sure someone on here will help you further......

03-23-2009, 05:45 AM
It's a shame that this sorta thing happened, but it has nothing to do with MARTIN nor Dick's . Is from some careless employees that works for Dick's Sporting Goods. I say this 'cause recently I bought a Munster bow for my son, but before I bought it I draw two bows before it and their string in fact came off. I was lucky enough that the employee that was working that day is a friend of mine and he let me drew each bow on display and a couple left in their storage room. I visually checked the ones that the string came off and they showed damage on either the cams or the tips of the limbs like they were dropped or "roughly" handled. I have bought a few bows from Dick's and never had problems with them. I recommend to always to draw the bow you want to purchase before leaving the shop/store.

03-23-2009, 08:06 AM
The guy at Dick's was not totally wrong about NOT drawing the bow with fingers. Oh, it can be done and often is, but this is a short A2A bow with high letoff so it's very easy to torque it if you grip the bow. Also, when you draw with fingers you automaticall twist the string. Nobody can grab a string with fingers and draw it back without twisting it.

And it gets worse when trying to let down. Letting down usually entails trying to hold on which causes even more torque. This is usually when most strings pop off the cam. When you are letting down don't try to hold it back so much. Just hold the string and let if down.

The other thing that usually contributes to this is drawing too much weight. More than you can handle while controlling the draw of the bow. It's very very common.

Something you can check, which hasn't been mentioned is cam lean. Hold an arrow along the side of the cam and idler parallel with the string and see if it's straight. If there's too much lean this can contribute to your problem. The idler can be adjusted by putting twists in the right hand side of the yoke cable where it attaches to the limb. The cam can't be adjusted, but there should be no more than about 3/8" to 1/4" gap between the string and your arrow at the nocking point.

OK, next thing to check. Where the string leaves the string groove on the bottom cam there should be at least 1/2" of groove showing. When shot the cam will over rotate. If there is too little groove the string runs out of groove and can roll off the cam, similar to a bicycle chain rolling off a sprocket.

These are a couple things to look for. They may help, maybe not, but it's where I would start.

03-23-2009, 09:46 AM
he said im never supposed to pull it back by hand

I Take it to dicks today to get the string put back on and he says its stretched and I need a new one

Excuse my bluntness, but that is excrement!

I routinely shoot "fingers" as well as release with all my (Martin) bows, and when I'm working on the dozen or so bows for my youth group I pull all them back by hand to test them out.

I have NEVER had a string jump off the cam, even when using truly horrible form (such as when my left shoulder was in an immobilizer splint). And this is including many of the short A/A, paralell limb, bows like Leopards and Cheetah's, never had a string jump off the cam.

If I were in your position I would insist they replace it with one still sealed in the box directly form Martin.
Second option is to have them send the bow back to Martin to correct whatever their "techs" did to it and have it either returned directly to you, or if they cannot do that, have it returned to the store and keep the box sealed until you personally open the box when it comes back.

The point here is to get it corrected and then keep it our of the hands of the inadequately trained people at Dicks'.

03-24-2009, 08:59 PM
you aint lyin' id do the same accept id take it to a REAL pro shop and have them look at your draw just to be certain. every dicks ive ever been to has never had anyone who really know anything about bows, certainly not bow techs, and their archery isle in only about 12 feet long including accessories so that should tell you something there. this is partly the reason i didnt go with the mb from dicks cause their archery dept. was scarce. in my opinion dicks is not the place to have anything checked out, minimum go to bass pro or cabelas. but preferrably a pro shop that sells and PUSHES martin bows. most push the top names such as matthews and hoyt etc... good luck!!

03-25-2009, 06:26 AM
Is it just me or does his D-loop and peep seem to be extemely high?

03-25-2009, 08:39 AM
Is it just me or does his D-loop and peep seem to be extemely high?

No way to tell. Notice that the string is rolled off the cam so they could be anywhere at this point.

03-25-2009, 10:56 AM
never mind...thats the reason.....