View Full Version : got a new bow

buck hunter
04-01-2009, 07:15 PM
:)2 days ago i got a 08 martin cheetah.and i would like to here feedback on this bow because i cant shoot it because i severly hurt my knee :mad:so i cant shoot it because i am on cruches and i cant walk:mad::mad:

04-01-2009, 08:18 PM
Well it's too bad about the knee,but i can tell you it'll be worth the wait.I really enjoy shooting my cheetah,it has good speed,no vibration,not to heavy,good construction and it's a martin.
Ive been practising out of my ground blind for turkey season and with it's short ata you just cant beat it.
Trust me you'll be happy with it.Only thing i can say bad about it are the subpar strings and cables,junk them and get a new set of custom ones.:)