View Full Version : thoughts on P3/Mag/Furious-X or Nitrous-X

04-03-2009, 06:48 PM
Since I love to tinker (or as Mrs Squid puts it "I just can't leave sh!t alone") I've turned my thoughts to my P3 hunting rig.... It is currently set up w/ a Dyna Cam, 2L 14" magnum limbs. (35-50#) I'm thinking of pulling the Dyna Cam off of it and dropping either Furious-X or Nitrous-X, cams on it.

I need to arrive at 28" Draw Length and I really want to make it as fast and flat as possible withing my limitations of 35-40# draw weight restrictions my Orthopedic Surgeon ( who is also a fellow Bow Hunter) recommends.

I can go with:

Nitrous A base cam
High Let-Off X Mods
65% X Mods

Furious Small base cam
Small High Let-Off X-Mods
Medium High Let-Off X-Mods
Medium 65% Let-Off X-Mods
Large X-Mods

04-04-2009, 06:45 AM
For Mag. limbs on the shortish P3 riser, you may not get 28" with the "A" cams. I'll check the spec charts.

Otherwise, Nitrous cams will be the fastest and smoothest of the 2.