View Full Version : Scepter 4 Questions

04-05-2009, 04:43 PM
I just bought a scepter 4 second hand and have some questions.

First can the draw length be adjusted without a bow press? The module screws appear to be underneath the limbs.

Second. I have attached some pics. My questions is are the cables in the right trough? The inner trough spins on the axles, so it would seem to me is should be on the inner trough.

Thanks for any answers


04-05-2009, 08:26 PM
The bow has X cams on it, meaning four cables which you shoot between and there is no cable guard on the bow. The "troughs" you mention are as they should be. The X system sometimes requires wider axles and cable holders to get fletching clearance when shooting between the cables. You can move the cables to the inner grooves if you like to try it there.

Now about the module screws. If the cam is orentated such that one or more of the screws is hidden behind the limbs all you need to do is rotate the cam so you can get at them. You can do this by squeezing one of the cables in toward the riser. I sometimes even use a zip-tie to hold it on place. You don't need a bow press to do most any work on this bow. Just remember that it's a dual cam so whatever you do to one cam you do to the other.

For what it's worth you have one of the best bows you can get your paws on.