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04-07-2009, 08:02 AM
Can I put 452x string&cable on my bow(Secpter 4 elite, 70#,31.5" DL,furious dual cams)? I think my bow came with 8125 string & cable.


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04-07-2009, 08:46 AM
The answer is YES. You can use any kind of string material you like. 452X is supposedly more stable that 8125, but that depends on who and how the strings are made.

Because of the stability of 452X a lot of guys mix and match. They'll use 452x for cables and 8125 for the couple extra fps.

04-07-2009, 10:00 AM
I'm thinking of going with a guy by the name of Bucknasty strings(AT)... I've read that he does a good job...'course their's alot of good string makers...

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04-07-2009, 01:56 PM
I'm thinking of going with a guy by the name of Bucknasty strings(AT)... I've read that he does a good job...

Aye, his strings are highly regarded.

'course their's alot of good string makers...

And there really is not any "black magic" to making strings.

At least nothing the average archer armed with a good search engine, credit-card to order material and string jig and stretcher and a few weeks of patience learning the process cannot accomplish for themselves.

It's really a matter of cost justification. If you have one bow you restring once every couple of years, probably not. If you have 9 bows in a household of 3 (highly) competitive shooters, and a bunch of friends who are willing to kick you a few bucks for string & serving materials (or home-brewing supplies ;-) I Typically get about $20.00 for a standard 8125 string and $25.00 for a split/yoke cable.. And before you ask... NO, I only sell locally, to friends.

Join the fold Brother, and set yourself free!!!!

04-07-2009, 08:22 PM
Not only are John's (Bucknasty) strings highly regarded, I've used them.

And they are or were on a Phantom 3 that Sandsquid has. I've also used Winner's Choice at almost double the cost and Bucknasty's strings were every bit as good.

One thing you can be assured of is that should you have any problems with the strings John will give you good customer service and/or advice.

04-08-2009, 01:43 PM
I had Bucknastys on my other pantera (sold now), and they were very good. They were 2 years old when I got them, and I shot them for another year before i sold the bow, and they held up well.