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04-10-2009, 08:24 PM
I have a dozen of goldtip 5575 expedition arrows getting refletched with blazer veins. They are 27 inches long. I have been shooting them at 70#. I was messing around with my draw weight and when i put it on 58 pounds it felt a whole lot better. I took it out side and shot it with a couple of the goldtip arrows that i already had. I was shooting 2 to 4 in groups at 40 yards. The only thing is i could tell the speed loss. I was wondering if the arrows should shoot good with the 58 pounds or will it be too stiff of a spine?:confused:The total arrow weight with the blazers are 366grains. The goldtip chart says with the 58 pound setup i need a 3555(500) spine. I dont think i beleive that but i might be wrong. Oh year i shoot a 29 in draw length. I have heard if you set the draw length a half inch long and set the draw stop that it will give you a few fps. Has anyone verified this or tried it?:confused:

04-13-2009, 08:37 AM
Bringing back your draw lenght using the draw stop is a method to smooth out the hump on the CAT cams and is supposed to give a little more oomph I did it on my Firecat and I like the way it feels,it increases the holding weight somewhat but I cant verify speed increase no chrono..but do a search on AT for CAT cam tuning you will find it.