View Full Version : Thought id share the first kill for the 09 Firecat

06-01-2009, 08:21 AM
So a couple of months ago I was given the oppurtunity to go on a hunt this weekend. At first I was a lil skeptical and unsure of how I would enjoy it, but since it was free I thought what the heck. Well lets just say I had a freakin blast, I will be going back to this place at a later time to kill a Russian Boar.
We got to the lodge last night and did all the checking in stuff, and got debriefed on the animals that were available to harvest. So 4:45 rolls around and we get up have the morning meeting and head out to the stands. At 7:25 I caught movement along the top of the ridge and here they came a group of 6 rams. They closed the distance to 38yds and I looked over the group and picked out a nice Corsican Ram. So I draw down on the Corsican and wait for my shot...slightly quartering to...and Shwack, right on back edge of front shoulder and came out between second and third rib back, perfect double lung. The ram didnt really even move like it wasnt even hit but you could see the blood flowing. He just put his head down and started rooting in the leaves again......he took 3 steps and we all know whats next that wobbily weak at the knees look and down he went. I decided to try the magnus buzzcut 2 blade BH's for the first time on this hunt. Know let me talk about the buzzcuts for a few seconds. These are hands down the toughest, best penetrating, most accurate heads ive ever shot, mechanical or not. It was like the ram never even knew he was hit, the arrow slid through him at 38yds. like he was at 5yds....I never even saw it hit, just saw it hit the dirt behind him. I must admit that I will be trading all my rages on here for buzzcut 2 blades after today there is no doubt in my mind these are hands down the best heads on the market.

06-01-2009, 04:11 PM
Gratz on the nice kill!!!

06-01-2009, 05:24 PM
Congtratulations, that is a nice harvest! Good for you.