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06-09-2009, 07:15 AM
I just got my wife's Leopard set up. 24" draw 48#s. her old arrows are 340 grs.It shoots them at 195 fps.I'd like to get her speed up a little more but it is mainly a hunting bow.Give me some opinions on arrows and speed please for hunting thanks/Dan

06-09-2009, 08:10 AM
After consulting several charts it would seem that she should be shooting something with at least a 600 spine. Maybe softer.

The problem you might have is first, finding a suitable shaft in any archery store. You'll probably have to order them.

Second, arrows of proper spine are still going to be fairly light in mass weight, which will give more speed, but may not be the best for hunting. A lot would depend on what fletching and broadheads are chosen to facilitate decent penetration.

You'll have to work on this and reach a balance. Narrow broadhead, fairly close shots (25 yards) and good shot placement should all work in her favor---with any arrow.

Now what would I recommend? Try looking at Gold Tip Ultralite Entrada 600. Easton Redline 600 comes to mind. Possibly even CX Terminator Jr shafts for something economical. ICS Energy 600.

These are all economical shafts. They are not the straightest made, but here's a trick. Order shafts and either have them made up or make them up yourself. Cut about 2" from the nock end of the arrow. Install the nocks and cut the remainder from the point end. This should give you a much straighter shaft in the end. You could also leave them a little long, say 26". Won't hurt a thing.

Anything more specific you want to ask just say so. Be glad to help.