View Full Version : Correct Fury Cam for Draw Length?

07-06-2009, 12:28 PM
Q: Is it possible to get a 28 Draw Length (DL) using a #1 Fury Cam on a Martin Pride bow? I would like to reduce the DL on my Pride down to a 27" DL which as I understand it the #1 Fury Cams are the correct cam for a 27" DL.

I have a Martin Pride with Fury Cams on the XRG Split Limbs. Cams on it are #1. Years ago when I bought the bow, I had a dealer change the cam from a 29 (#3) down to a 28 (DL) which he installed the #1 cams. Bow has been sitting in case since I bought back in 1999 as it was too much weight for me. Now that am able to draw it, and understanding more about compound bows, I read on this forum that the #1 cam that are on it is for a 27 DL. Yet I am certain the DL on it is 28 as am not near the back wall of it when at my normal anchor. In order for me to get it to the back wall I have to straighten out my bow arm and pull back another or so. I have 3 different bows, all of which are 27 DL. Appreciate any help on this.