View Full Version : 2006 draw length never right

07-06-2009, 06:31 PM
I purchased an new Razor X in 2006 specifically ordered a 32" draw length. When the bow arrived at my archery shop, and checking the specs the tech revealed he ordered a 31.5" instead. I let him talk me into setting the bow up at 31.5" with a string loop along with his explaination that it would be better based on the theory of not drawing past into the valley???????????? of my draw length.

I have been shooting it for the past 3 years with adequate accuracy however it has never been what I would call as comfortable as I would like. I always feel like I can't pull back and relax all the way.

The bow has nitrous cams and I understood by using different cams I could get a true 32" draw length.

Needless the say the bow shop is now out of business and I need some advice as to a reputable bow shop to help me change the bow.

I purchased the Bow from a shop in Grand Rapids Michigan.

Help with advise as to 31.5 vs 32" and valley vs wall theory.


07-06-2009, 11:03 PM
Which Cam size are you shooting and which limbs?

My RazorX with C-Cams can go up to 32.5" drawlength and with Elite-Limbs it would be even more.