View Full Version : How is this for speed?

07-12-2009, 03:15 PM
My bow-a 2008 Firecat Pro-x
draw length-27.5"
draw weight-72 lbs
shooting a 27.5" CX Maxima 350 w/ 100 gr. points
nothing on the string but a loop, two speed nocks by each cam, a G5 Meta peep, and the center serving (Factory Strings)

My dad's bow-2007 Martin Bengal
draw length, 30"
draw Weight, 72 lbs
shooting a 29" CX Maxima 350 w/ 100 grain points
string accessories-loop, peep, center serving, and two bowjax string silencers (Factory Strings)
I thought for both of these bows this was very good speed, we both use drop away rests, and when timed perfectly we didnt lose to much speed at all...So what do you guys think of these speeds? any ideas on how to get more out of these bows?

08-28-2009, 10:22 PM
Jake, I got my bow back this week, and got it sighted in (so far)
At 411 gr. 30" draw length, 65# loop, kisser button, Martin Whisker biscuit, and a tube peep, no tuning on it yet, 278fps 358 gr. 292 fps 322 gr. 308 fps..
I haven't tuned this up, and gone into it like I wanted to (VERY limited time), but Joe at the local archery shop said we could play with it.
I want to change out the tube peep, and put a smaller loop on it ( the dealer put on a long loop to make up for the shorter draw length of the wrong mods... didn't work)
I just need to get all the specs for the tightened up tuning. I want to get all I can out of this bow and then leave it alone. I'm going to go to AT and see if I can get the setup form there