View Full Version : draw modual?

07-26-2009, 08:57 AM
i have noticed my moab has a F5 draw modual, in the specs i appears it shouldn't even use the f5 modual! is that true? in the draw length chart is has a blank space!
the shop said they set it to my 29" draw so do i need the f6 modual? the draw for me at the moment is spot on.
one major problem is i tryed the f6 and f7 and they dont work properly, the string dosen't follow the grove properly!, as i draw and it makes a clunking noise as it reaches the end and the string flicks back into the grove:confused:

i've also noticed that my bow has 4m limbs even though it is supposed to be a 55-70lb bow so i think someone at martin got that wrong:)