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07-30-2009, 07:29 PM
Ok, got me an '08 Firecat, 29", 45-60lb LH beast! I want to make it my project bow!

I love this thing. Fast, quiet, smooth, and did I say, fast. LOL!

Here is what I want to do...

1. Change the rubber grip to a nice wooden grip.
2. Take the factory STS off and get a nicer looking one.
3. Put a Saunders Hyper-Guide Slide on.
4. Powercoat/paint the riser black.
5. New strings/cables.
6. Have the bow tuned.

Now, this is where I need help - where can I get these things done? I WILL send the bow away to have them done if need be! I would like to send it to someone who could do all of those things (Martin dealer, maybe?), but will piece out if I need to.

I could probably do numbers one and two if someone told me how! I tried to get the old rubber grip off (I would like a nice two tone wood grip) and couldn't and I loosened the screw on the side of the STS (I would like a Bow Rattler) but it wouldn't come out.


Thank you!

07-31-2009, 03:22 AM
I'd go to the nearest bow pro shop and ask them. :) As for the STS -be careful not to destroy the allen screw.

07-31-2009, 07:49 AM
The old grip is super glued on, you can cut the back strap, rip it off and then do the best you can to get the bits of rubber out. I changed mine because it split, it's not hard to do.

07-31-2009, 08:43 AM
I'd go to the nearest bow pro shop and ask them. :) As for the STS -be careful not to destroy the allen screw.

Thanks. However, I can take the one that is there out and replace it, correct? Thank you.

Thanks to you too, Mike!

07-31-2009, 11:43 AM
I can help with a couple things.

The grip is an easy swap. If yours is like mine then it has leather front and back, All you need to do is cut and pry the rubber plates on the sides of the grip to remove them. You can order the Thermal Elite grip from Martin, which has wooden side plates. This is what I always order on my bows. I hate rubber.

Do not put the Saunders Hyperglide on. It is rift with lots of little parts and I've read about them coming apart and breaking bows up (broken limbs and such). Too much plastic on those things and there is nothing going to be gained except emptying your wallet. The Teflon slide on your Cat is about as good as they get; Teflon being the preferred material for cable slides.

As for powder coating the riser? Do a search on www.archerytalk.com and see what comes up. There are lots of threads about powder coating there. And powder coating is what I'd do. Painting just doesn't hold up all that well. I've done it many years ago.

New strings and cables? I'd try Bucknasty over on AT. You might want to wait till you have the riser done before picking the colors you want.

As for the STS? If it's too tight then here's something to try. Two little pieces of wood on each side and clamp a pair of vise grips to them. Try to tap it out by hitting the vise grips. I'm not sure about the STS you are looking at but consider that the string does not track down the center of the riser so whatever you get has to have some sort of dog-leg so it centers on the string. If you want a better looking, simpler setup then consider eliminating the STS altogether.

As for tuning? Do it yourself. Maybe you are talking about just setting the bow up. This is different from TUNING. Tuning is the process of adjusting the bow and playing with the arrows to get the best flight. There are several methods of tuning. Using several is what I like to do just to tinker and tweak the best out of the bow. The reason I say you should do it (learn) is that no two shooters grip and shoot a bow the same. If someone else tunes the bow to their shooting form it's doubtful that it would shoot the same for you. YES, you can have someone with more knowledge help with what adjustments need done, but ultimately you are the one that has to shoot the bow.

Giving an example of this I'll use my FireCat. I have it bare shaft tuned out to 30 yards with near perfect arrow flight. A friend asked to shoot it the other evening. We're pretty much the same size, draw length and shoot the same draw weight. Pretty much equal in shooting ability, too. His point of impact with my Cat is about 8" to the right of where I shoot at 30 yards. Same arrows and all. Different release was the only change. Is it a difference in the grip? Who knows?