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Archer Dude
09-15-2009, 05:22 PM
I read somewhere a while back that the CAT cams perform better for speed if their at-rest position is backed up so that the cables as they come around the back side of the cam almost touch the cable post as they leave heading for the center of the bow.

My questions are:

Is this true; and to move them closer to the post is it just a simple process of adding more twists to the cables?
If not true; is there some kind of mark on the cam that indicates where the at-rest position should be timed?

I know how to set the full draw timing but I am at this point concerned with the at-rest starting position.

Right now, both cables and the string have very few twists. A2A measures 36 1/4" or about 1/4" longer than spec so I could twist away if necessary.

I plan on using an EZ press on my Slayer X with CAT cams. If this is not an appropriate press for the bow, please mention that too.

I am shooting a 60# peak model backed off to 50# so I hope that lower draw weight will help extend the life of my limbs.

Thanks for any help.

Best wishes.

09-16-2009, 05:40 AM
First on you can use the easy press but you don;t have to. That's the beauty of Martin bows, you can just back the limb bolts out until the bow relaxes, usually around 10 to 20 full turns.

What I would do is first twist the string to get the ATA and B/H to factory spec. Then make sure they are timed at full draw. That should get you right where you want to be.

Archer Dude
09-16-2009, 09:40 AM
So there is no at-rest timing mark and no preferred distance from the cables to the cable post?

I prefer to not back the limb bolts out because it requires more work to get them back to where I started for draw weight and even the tiller again. If the EZ press is ok, I will use that.

Now I am confused about the specs:

2008 catalog states Slayer X **************A2A 36" and BH 6 1/4"
2008 tech spec chart states Slayer X ********A2A 36 1/2" and BH 6 "

Which is it? I suspect the tech spec was the final post release answer.

Mine measures A2A 36 1/4" and BH 5 7/8".

Oh well, I guess it is close enough to just use it as it is. I will set the full-draw timing and not worry about it.

I was just hoping to tune for a little more speed.

Best wishes.

09-16-2009, 09:50 AM
Check this thread out in ArcheryTalk: www.archerytalk.com/vb/showthread.php?t=626601

09-16-2009, 11:04 AM
Check this thread out in ArcheryTalk: www.archerytalk.com/vb/showthread.php?t=626601



09-17-2009, 09:33 PM
Dont know if this will help you but here it is...

2009 FireCat
60# DW
29" DL
32 3/8" ATA
7" BH
38.7gn. total weight on string
GT XT 7595 28" w/ 100gn tip
396 total arrow weight
285 fps crono - consistantly.

5 eliminator buttons 2 1/4" from TOP cam (15.5gn)
5 eliminator buttons 1" from BOTTOM cam (15.5gn)
Meta Peep (4.5gn)
Tied-on nock set and 1 eliminator button below arrow.

Center Shot is 15/16" from V.E.M. pad on riser

I have the Draw Length Module set in #7 position 29"
I have the Draw Stop set so ACTUALL draw length is 28.5"
(about 75% let off)

TOP CAM string to post is 3/32"
BOTTOM CAM string to post is 1/8"

Since I shoot with my release on the string below my arrow I had to set the gaps from the post off a bit for the cams to be timed together at full draw. I suppose if I were using a D-Loop I could match the post/string gaps.

First pic is TOP CAM at rest.
Second pic is BOTTOM CAM at rest.

Third pic is TOP CAM at full draw.
Forth pic is BOTTOM CAM at full draw.

Thanks to all the people who have shared their skills and tuning tips for the C.A.T. cam system on AT ! ! !
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09-17-2009, 09:35 PM
rats...!!!... the pics didnt show and I dont have them on this computer.
If you havent gotten it straightened out post on here and I will get the pics on of the cams/cables at rest and at full draw.

Archer Dude
09-18-2009, 08:23 AM
It is shooting pretty well.

I found that it really doesn't make more than 1 fps difference what the distance from cable to post is. Of course, the distance is small and you only have about 1/8" variance from far to close anyway.

What did pick up 6 fps was changing the combination of mod setting and draw stop.

With the module at 29" and the the draw stop post set to hit the limb as the cable is flat in the mod landing it shoots 304 fps. It also had about a million % let off.

When I move the module to 29 1/2" and move the draw stop post back shorter so it hits the limb as the cable is about half way in the module flat, I gain almost no draw length (less than 1/4") but I pick up 6 fps. There is still plenty of let off and a good solid feel to the wall.

I don't think these should be set up with the cable fully in the flat when the draw stop post hits.

So, bottom line is at 50# with 254 grain arrows and about 29 1/4" draw length it shoots 310 fps. That is only 6 slower than my X-Force and 12 slower than my 82nd Airborne and I can live with that 310 fps for 3D. Certainly adequate speed for a 50# draw weight.

Boy the draw cycle is much more freindly than either the PSE or BowTech. The draw cycle was my primary reason for buying and trying the Slayer.

Bow feels pretty good now. It will be fun to see if I can hit anything with it. That will likely have to wait a while as I am primarily using my short hunting bow now but next spring 3D and maybe even spots late winter will be the test.

Thanks for all the input and best wishes.