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09-19-2009, 10:08 AM
Anyone who owns a 2009 MOAB or Firecat please let me know what you think about it. I shot a 2009 MOAB and loved it. So for I only got to shoot a 2009 MOAB and a 2009 Bengal. Bengal was good but I like the MOAB, it worked for me. I would like to get my hands on a firecat and warthog and try them out but there are no Martin Pro Series dealers in Louisiana, the 2 shops listed in Louisiana that are Pro Series Shops or both closed.
Please let me know what you think about your 2009 MOAB or Firecat. Thanks in advance.

09-19-2009, 11:47 AM
I have the 2009 MOAB. I really like it, shooting nice tight groups. Very smooth and quiet. I havent shot the Firecat, so cant comment on it. I have no problems recommending the MOAB.

09-19-2009, 12:20 PM
same story. I have the 09 Moab and love it, really smooth draw, and very much on a working mans budget. I picked mine up for 370 new. I am shooting the best groups I have ever shot. However, I can not comment on the Firecat cause I have not shot it. For me the single cam was what I wanted. Im shooting out ot 80 yards and its a swell shooter for me:D

09-19-2009, 02:55 PM
I've been shooting an 09 FireCat for about 3 months now and the bow has been great! It is accurate, quiet, fast, light... The CAT cams can be adjusted to suit any type of draw cycle and let-off you prefer.
I too had a hard time deciding between the MOAB and FireCat.
If you are new to archery and/or arn't into tinkering then the MOAB is probably your best bet.
If you like to tinker - it is really easy to fine tune the FireCat to make it shoot at it's best for you.
You dont need a bow press for any of the Martin bows but having a drawboard is a real advantage and you can build yourself one for under $30.

So far I've taken a bobcat, mule deer and turkey with mine so I am stoked.
Hopefully I will add an elk before season is over with...

2009 FireCat
60# DW
28 1/2" DL
32 3/8" ATA
7" BH
38.7gn. total weight on string
GT XT 7595 28" w/ 100gn tip
396 total arrow weight
285 fps crono - consistantly.

09-19-2009, 04:09 PM
Thanks for the info.