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drop tine
09-24-2009, 04:55 PM
I just got the new sabre 70# draw and I can't get the thing to shoot consistantly. I've bow hunted for 18 yrs and have never had this much trouble. I'm starting to 2nd guess buying a Martin! It came set up with sight rest nock. I'm just scratching my head.

09-24-2009, 06:03 PM
In all those 18 years have you ever properly tuned a bow or had to? Reason I ask is that the bow you bought is not tuned from the factory. They are roughly set up with the rest and such just mounted on the bow. Different types of shooting form determine whether the rest and sight, nocking point, peep, and anything you use to shoot needs to be adjusted (tuned) for your shooting style.

Your arrows need to be properly spined and the bow/arrow combination tuned to shoot them.

That being said, almost any bow can be consistent, tuned or not. Arrows improperly spined or not. These physcial things are a constant and the bow is just a simple machine that repeats the same thing over and over every time. The only variable in the whole shabang is the shooter.

Maybe you are gripping the bow too tight. Maybe the draw length of the bow doesn't fit you; this is so very common. Maybe you're drawing more weight than you can comfortably handle. This and too long a draw can lead to disasterous shooting. I know hundreds of people like this and few canadmit it. Testosterone problems.

Then again, it's possible you just plain got a lemon.