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09-28-2009, 03:50 PM
1. Has anyone out there had problems with the E-clips coming off their bow. The other day one came of my CCS. I called marting and am waiting for a call back. While I was waxing my string today I noticed that one was missing off of my top axle. Any ideas why this is happening?

2. How do you measure ATA? Is it the center of each axle on the limb? Even so, mine is running long. No I took my draw length down form 29 to 28 1/2. Would I have to change anything to keep the ATA correct?

3. What does everyone put on the bolts throughout the bow to keep them for rusting. Sat for two morning's in the Ohio bow opener this weekend and of course it rained both days. Though it was dry enough but guess not.

09-29-2009, 12:27 AM
1) No ideas yet but where is an e-clip at the CCS?

2) Measure from the middle of the lower axel to the middle of the upper axle. This is your AtA. Changing Drawlength with modules will not change the AtA at all so you might want to check your BH, too. If they are pretty near the factory standards but the bow will shoot okay... do not worry about them.

3) The axles are hardened and threated steel so they should not rust in any way. If the bow ist kind of wet you should dry it with some cloth to keep the screws com rusting. You can also dry the axle yourself but better do not lube the axle in any way. This will only collect dirt and dust.

09-29-2009, 06:15 AM
there are two e-clips on the CCS. One on each side, on the outside. They hold the axle in that the rollers go on. I Called martin and talked to Joel. He is sending me out some today. Great customer service. He suspects that they were not put on at the factory b/c they are so hard to get off, but who knows.

As far as the ATA, I measured it and it was about 33" and the BH was about 6 3/4. It is shooting good, so I am not going to mess with it until after season. Would I need to add twists to the cables and the strings to shorten up the ATA?

The only rust was on the bolts that hold the cam modules to each other. I am just going to put a light coat of white grease on them. Joel at Martin recommened food grade white grease b/c it is odorless.

09-29-2009, 06:45 AM
Right. Adding twists into the cable and into the string will shorten your AtA and lengthen your BH.

Sounds good to me. My screws showed a bit of rust, too. I just polished them and will see if that will last.